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Welcome to the websites provided by TIE Kinetix N.V.:, the TIE Kinetix FLOW Platform, the TIE Kinetix investor center, and other TIE Kinetix websites as the case may be (“Website” or “Websites”). Access to and use of these Websites is governed by the following terms and conditions. TIE Kinetix requests you to read these terms and conditions, prior to browsing and/or using these Websites. By browsing and/or using this site the user acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions, and the user accepts that the use of the Website will be bound by the terms thereof. Hereafter where TIE Kinetix is mentioned this means TIE Kinetix N.V. as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates.

1. Privacy Statement

1.1我们相信这张TIE Kinet万博网页体育ix隐私声明将令人满意地解决与新隐私法规有关的TIE KINETIX客户和其他业务关系的问题。每个处理或存manbext下载储个人相关信息的公司和组织都必须遵守《通用数据保护条例》 / Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming(GDPR / AVG),从2018年5月25日开始。

1.2 Subject to the contract TIE Kinetix NV or an affiliate (hereinafter TIE Kinetix) has concluded with your company or organization for the delivery of EDI or SaaS Services or any other services, it is determined that TIE Kinetix receives, stores, processes and/or transmits certain data on a regular basis for your company / organization, or for the partners, customers or suppliers of your company / organization.

1.3 Although it is not the case that the data at all times will include personal related data, in some cases such personal data can be included. For example, the name of the company / organization contact on an invoice- or purchase- document processed via the TIE Kinetix EDI or SaaS services or e-mail or IP addresses, etc. Consequently, TIE Kinetix is considered a processor of personal data as defined in the new privacy regulations and (in most cases) your company / organization as the responsible party. In case your company /organization processes personal data for third parties, your company / organization will be considered as a processor and TIE Kinetix as a sub-processor.

1.4 Subject to the GDPR/AVG, TIE Kinetix guarantees in both situations it will continue to take all commercially reasonable efforts to comply with all privacy regulations based on the GDPR / AVG, from May 25, 2018. Compliance with the GDPR / AVG regulations by TIE Kinetix includes, amongst other obligations to:

a) store and process the personal data solely for the execution of the contractual obligations related to your company / organization or the partners, customers or suppliers of your company / organization. Personal data will never be provided or given access to any third party without the prior approval of your company / organization. Notwithstanding TIE Kinetix’ responsibilities, TIE Kinetix may, however, involve sub-processors for the execution of such contracts and provide the data to such sub-contractor (sub-processor). TIE Kinetix has agreed with such sub-processor to comply with the GDPR / AVG regulations.
根据公共当局或主管法院的合法授权要求,TIE Kinetix可以提供或访问TIE Kinetix收到的数据;万博网页体育

b) maintain a security program that enables technical, administrative, organizational, and physical safeguards in order to prevent the personal data from any unauthorized access, copying, publication, modification, etc.;

c)有一个程序来识别信息安全事件并制定安全事件响应计划。万博网页体育TIE KINETIX将有一个明确的程序来告知您的公司 /组织任何数据泄露(违反个人数据的可用性,manbext下载完整性和机密性的事件),并在没有过度延迟的情况下将数据泄露通知您的公司数据泄露;


e)与安全计划中的解决差距(如果有的话)对个人数据安全构成重大风险,或者违反了GDPR / AVG的任何规则。


g)防止欧盟以外的数据存储或处理 - 如果在美国考虑存储或处理的情况下,将tie kinetix(或其分包商)符合EU -US隐私盾牌原则和/或数据万博网页体育处理协议将达成;

h) co-operate at all times to delete and/or to correct the data or to provide an overview of the stored data on specific request of the individual, to be communicated via your company / organization;

i) delete all personal data in case storage or processing is no longer necessary, for example, in case the contract with your company / organization was terminated and provided there is no statutory, fiscal or operational obligation to archive such data.

1.5如果您的公司 /组织受到被视manbext下载为责任方的GDPR / AVG的约束,则您的公司 /组织(包括其他义务)将有责任获得个人的许可,以存储和处理其个人数据。

1.6 This Privacy Statement is subject to and forms an addition to the current contract(s), TIE Kinetix has concluded with your company / organization. Subject to this letter, there will be no change in any condition of the current contract(s) with your company /organization, or any change in pricing or tariffs or change in responsibility, indemnification or liability.

2. Copyrights and other rights of intellectual property
2.1版权通知:网站内容上的所有版权和知识产权的其他权利,包括文本,布局,设计,图像,徽标,声音,视频,视频或任何其他功能属于Tie Kinetix或其合作伙伴。万博网页体育


2.3 No reproduction or fragment of the Website may be sold or spread for commercial purposes or be altered or be copied into any other publication or website, either as a print, in electronic form, or any other form, without the prior written consent of TIE Kinetix.

3. Trademarks
3.1网站上提到的所有Kinetix相关商标,产品名称和徽标是TI万博网页体育E Kinetix及其子公司的注册或未注册商标,或与合法所有者一致。未经TIE Kinetix事先书面同意,不允许以任何形式使用这些商万博网页体育标。

4.1 Throughout the Website, hyperlinks or other references may be available to refer to other websites that contain information related to a specific aspect of the Website. Hyperlinking to another website does not indicate that TIE Kinetix is related to these other websites or its owners. Although TIE Kinetix strives for connecting you to interesting websites and publications, neither TIE Kinetix nor any person acting in the name of TIE Kinetix is liable or responsible for these other websites or the displayed information, which is not being verified or endorsed by TIE Kinetix.

4.2 A link to another website is intended solely for the user's convenience, TIE Kinetix does not accept any obligations or liability in this respect. Providing a hyperlink to the Website of TIE is, in principle, permitted. However, framing is prohibited, without TIE Kinetix prior written consent.

5. Warranties and Liability
5.1尽管TIE K万博网页体育inetix试图确保TIE Kinetix网站中提出的任何材料的准确性和可靠性,但该网站可能包括印刷错误和/或技术上的错误。万博网页体育tie kinetix不能保证网站的内容适合咨询此信息。


5.3 TIE Kinetix will not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind (including, but not limited to, data loss, corruption or any damages caused by viruses contained within the electronic files or at the site), which follows from or is related is to the possession or use of the information displayed within the Website.

6.1 TIE Kinetix reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes in this service at any time, or to make changes to the Website and these disclaimers, terms and conditions and/or this Privacy Policy at any time.

7. Privacy
7.1 TIE Kinetix respects the privacy of visitors to the Website. The information gathered by TIE Kinetix during use of the Website may include personally identifiable information (Personal Data) such as e-mail and IP-addresses and can be used by TIE Kinetix for evaluation and further perfection and personalization of the Website or other Websites and for marketing purposes. TIE Kinetix attempts, through the gathered information, to optimize the accessibility and quality of the Website, including 1-to-1 marketing and e-mail campaigns.

7.2 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX除非适用法律或主管当局要求,否则Kinetix不会与无关的第三方共享您的个人数据。由于TIE Kinet万博网页体育ix的全球范围,Tie Kinetix可能会将您的个人数据转移到世界各地的分支机构和业务合作伙伴,以便为TIE Kinetix潜在客户提供更好的优惠,产品,服务和活动。

7.3 Personal Data and other information submitted to TIE Kinetix will be treated confidential but could be collected and archived in a database or file owned by TIE Kinetix or third parties. Processing of this Personal Data can take place for marketing purposes of TIE Kinetix and its affiliates. Personal Data will be discarded when it is no longer legal necessary for the purposes it was collected. In case Personal Data is submitted to the Website subject to the execution of a contract with TIE Kinetix, TIE Kinetix will be considered as data processor only and the party submitting the personal data as the data controller. TIE Kinetix will comply with the applicable privacy regulations as data processor. TIE Kinetix has no further obligations nor with respect to reviewing the content, the completeness or correctness of (Personal) Data submitted to the Website.

7.4 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX拥有首席信息安全官(CISO)和一名隐私官(PO),均由TIE Kinetix管理委员会中心任命。在GDPR的前提下,两名官员均负责合规,分别监控遵守GDPR以及其他与隐私和安全有关的法规。这包括但不限于在法律要求的情况下向客户和/或主管当局报告数据泄露,并使个人能够按照GDPR中的定义行使其个人权利。所有与隐私与安全相关的政策都是由TIE Kinetix管理委员会集中确定的,考虑到CISO和PO的建议。万博网页体育

8. Links to Third Party Sites or Products
8.1该网站包含指向由第三方运营和维护的网站的链接,以及第三方提供的产品和服务(包括软件)的链接。万博网页体育Tie Kinetix无法控制此类第三方或其网站或产品或服务。此类链接站点或产品或服务的隐私政策可能与TIE Kinetix隐私政策不同。万博网页体育您可以自行访问此类链接的站点或产品或服务。在披露该网站上的任何个人身份信息之前,您应始终阅读链接网站或产品或服务的隐私政策。

9. Applicable Law
9.1 The Website is created and controlled by TIE Kinetix in the Netherlands and it can be accessed by everyone with an Internet connection all over the world. Because the laws where such a person resides may be different from Dutch law, by accessing the website you and TIE Kinetix agree that the Dutch law will apply to all matters relating the use of this website, without regard to conflicts of law principles.

9.2 TIE Kinetix makes no representation that materials on the Website are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and accessing them from territories where there contents are illegal or prohibited. If you choose to access the Website from other location you do so on your own initiative and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.


10.2当您访问网站时,TIE Kinetix可能会记录您的个人数万博网页体育据,例如IP地址,并使用Cookie和其他互联网技术来收集有关访客及其兴趣的一般信息。下面详细描述了所使用的技术和收集的信息。

10.3 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX可以进一步收集和处理您自愿参加Kinetix的任何信息和数据,例如当您注册活动时,订阅新闻通讯,参加在线调查,讨论组或论坛,或进行购买时。

11.1下领带Kinetix收集的信息万博网页体育stand your needs and interests helps TIE Kinetix deliver a consistent and personalized experience. TIE Kinetix will use such information only as described in the Privacy Statement and/or in the way TIE Kinetix specifies at the time of collection.

11.2 TIE Kinetix will not subsequently change the way your Personal Data is used without your consent, as required by applicable law. Some of the ways TIE Kinetix may use your Personal Data include, but are not limited to:


b) To keep you up to date on the latest product announcements, software updates, software upgrades, security patches, system enhancements, special offers, and other information. This may occasionally include information from other technology companies or business partners about products and services that can add value to TIE Kinetix’ solutions and solutions;

c) To tailor information about TIE Kinetix products and services to your individual interests. For example, during a visit to the site, it allows TIE Kinetix to provide you with specific information on products and services that may be of interest;


e) To provide the ability to contact you, and to provide customer feedback and support;

f) To provide contests, sweepstakes or other marketing or promotional activities on the or affiliated Websites. Personal data may be collected to administer those programs;


h) To support recruitment inquiries; and

i) To meet contractual obligations.

12. IP Addresses
12.1领万博网页体育带Kinetix使用IP地址来帮助诊断e problems, to administer the Website and to gather demographic information. TIE Kinetix may also use IP addresses or other information, such as your consent and your user information you have shared on the Website or at any earlier occasion or a campaign code, to determine which pages on TIE Kinetix’ sites are being visited and topics that may be of interest in order to enable TIE Kinetix to provide you with information about relevant products and services.

12.2 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX还可以收集IP地址(以及其他技术信息,例如浏览器类型)。当您连接到tie kinetix时,收集了此信息,以便TIE Kinetix可以识别您的会话,根据浏万博网页体育览器的技术功能交付内容以及用于质量控制的目的。

12.3 TIE Kinetix will only gather information related to your visit to the TIE Kinetix site. TIE Kinetix does not track or collect personal information from your visits to companies or entities outside TIE Kinetix or related subsidiaries.

13.1 In addition to the information you provide, TIE Kinetix may also collect information during your visit to a TIE Kinetix Website through automated tools, which include Web beacons, cookies, embedded Web links, and other commonly used information-gathering tools. These tools collect certain standard information that your browser sends to the Website such as your browser type and language, access times, and the address of the website from which you arrived at an TIE Kinetix Website. Using these tools, TIE Kinetix is also able to confirm receipt of emails that the recipient consented to receive, and can track other information such as pages visited on the TIE Kinetix Website and whether or not the recipient registers for an event offered by TIE Kinetix and certain other aggregate data.

14.1 TIE KINETIX的万博网页体育电子邮件经常使用旨在通过TIE KINETIX服务器重定向后,旨在将您带到网络上的相关区域的链接。重定向系统允许TIE Kinetix在必要时更改这些链接的目万博网页体育的地URL,并确定TIE Kinetix营销计划的有效性。

14.2 In emails, such links may also allow TIE Kinetix to determine if you have clicked on a link in the email, and the information about this interaction may be connected to your personal related data. If you do not want TIE Kinetix to collect information about the links you clicked, you can choose not to click on the links in an email that TIE Kinetix sends you.

15.1 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX使用Cookie来提供个性化的内容,以节省您必须重复输入密码(如果适用),以跟踪您的下载内容,并为您和其他人使用该网站量身定制Kinetix相关信息。

16.1 If you choose to provide TIE Kinetix your email address, TIE Kinetix may communicate with you via email. TIE Kinetix does not share your email address with others outside TIE Kinetix or its subsidiaries. You can choose not to receive any more email at any time.

16.2 Depending on how your email application is set up, Personal Data and other information may be transmitted automatically when you send email to TIE Kinetix.

17. Sharing Your Personal Data
17.1作为一个全球公司,领带Kimanbext下载netix运营着一万博网页体育个number of Websites around the world. Any Personal Data and other data and information that you volunteer or that is otherwise collected on one of TIE Kinetix sites in any one country may be sent electronically to a server for one of these sites in another country. To its best efforts, TIE Kinetix safeguards your privacy interests around the world by ensuring that the Website adheres to TIE Kinetix’ data protection principles. Subsidiaries of TIE Kinetix may use the Personal Data and other information internationally in connection with processing your inquiries and orders, to help improve TIE Kinetix products and services and for processing and storage.

17.2 TIE Kinetix may also share Personal Data and other information with business partners in order to provide a requested service or transaction, including processing orders, hosting websites, hosting events, marketing campaigns and seminar registration and providing customer support, or providing you with information on products and services that may be of interest to you.

17.3 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX仅向这些第三方提供代表TIE Kinetix提供服务所需的最低个人数据,而第三方不允许使用您的个人数据,除非完成请求的服务或交易的有限目的。

18.1 TIE Kinetix is committed to protect the Personal Data you share with TIE Kinetix. TIE Kinetix uses a combination of industry-standard security technologies, procedures, and organizational measures to help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

18.2 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX使用安全服务器技术支持在线安全性,因为TIE Kinetix希望您的个人数据安全。TIE Kinetix站点上有最先进的安全安排和设施,以防止滥用。万博网页体育万博网页体育TIE KINETIX约束其员工,以观察您的隐私和保密权。

19.1 万博网页体育TIE Kinetix与用户通过电子邮件定期订阅Kinetix服务的用户进行沟通,TIE Kinetix也可以通过电话进行通信以解决客户投诉或调查可疑交易。万博网页体育TIE KINETIX可以使用您的电子邮件地址确认您对帐户的开设,向您发送付款通知,向您发送有关我们产品和服务更改的信息,并根据法律要求发送通知和其他披露。

19.2 TIE Kinetix provides you the opportunity to exercise an opt-out choice if you do not want to receive other types of communication from TIE Kinetix such as emails or updates regarding new services and products offered on the Website.

19.3 In case you have any questions or in case you want to review, correct, remove or transfer your Personal Data as stored and processed by TIE Kinetix, you can request so by sending an email。万博网页体育Tie Kinetix将尽力在合理的时间范围内跟进您的要求。

20.数据保留 /删除个人数据
20.1 万博网页体育TIE KINETIX不会保留您的个人数据更长的时间,而要满足收集个人数据或根据适用的法律或法规要求的目的所需的必要条件。

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